This is some weird child that's in your local trash can trying to look for lasagna scraps. Her name is Bella Hagins and she enjoys creating surreal and bizarre comics and articles that’ll either make you laugh or make you very concerned for her mental being.  She dreams about either being an actress or an animator, or both she doesn’t know yet but for now she’s just existing on this round or flat rock with water and green stuff on it in which we call Earth. Now a few more things about Bella, she enjoys cooking, enjoys city life, definitely not possessed by a demon from the 9th ring of hell. If you mess with her she will force you to do the limbo for all eternity. What’s that? You want to have a conversation with her? Or you need to talk to her about something? Just email her, ya dingus.


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Bella Hagins, Staff Reporter

Oct 09, 2018
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