John Shay
A list of stupid article ideas you should never write about!

  1. Harambe... never write about Harambe

  2. The Kardashians... they are never relevant

  3. Those new fashion statements that are either really offensive or really irrelevant...

  4. The charlie charlie challenge

  5. Any "ghost sightings" video on youtube... there's something called editing

  6. The blowout football games... they weren't fun then, they won't be now

  7. That one thing that's a year old and that every news station has covered already... a year ago

  8. An article about yourself... unless it's something really touching, no one wants to hear about your social media life

  9. On that note, social media... no one cares what Trump tweeted this time... okay maybe we do

  10. A guide to bird watching... that's what google is for

  11. Your #squadgoals

  12. Shoes... not everyone cares about the new jordans

  13. Facebook... its dead

  14. On that note, myspace

  15. Take vine out of there too, and don't even get me started on omegle

  16. Those irrelevant awards people win that no one has heard about until now... it's all about the Grammy's

  17. The voice... people only watch it for the judges... after the show most of those people aren't heard of again anyways

  18. Dancing with the stars... that's where retired baseball players go (*ahem* David Ross)

  19. America's Got Talent... we all know Britain has the real talent

  20. Pokemon Go... it's dead

  21. Any irrelevant mobile app... which is basically all of them

  22. Ubisoft... they make the worst video game servers... trust me

  23. The new Call of Duty... when do they stop?

  24. On that note, the new Fast and Furious... I stopped keeping track a while back

  25. Superhero movies... remember when they used to be good? Then Batman vs. Superman came out.

  26. This really stupid list... don't write about it.

  27. Email me at [email protected]

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