Kassie Ramirez
Kassie is sometimes a fun and helpful person... okay, just kidding, she is very rarely those things. She spends most of her day screaming at children about who-knows-what? and always has an odd face on. Kassie loves makeup and everyone involved with it... but you never see her with full makeup on at school. She claims, “It takes too long and takes away sleepy time.” Kassie constantly travels to New Zealand to stalk - I mean watch and help - Parris and the royal family. If you do not know who Royal Family is, Kassie does not like you. Kassie also travels the world to eat sushi. She really loves sushi. She is very determined to find the best sushi place in the world. Kassie is a sophomore at RB. This is her first year in Clarion and she’s very excited to be on the staff as a staff reporter. You can contact Kassie at [email protected] with any questions or concerns.

Kassie Ramirez, Staff Reporter

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