Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs movie Review

Megan Welch, Features Manager

October 5, 2009

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Breakfast, lunch, and dinner falling straight out of the sky. Hamburgers, doughnuts, spaghetti, candy, any food you could dream of raining down in strange weather clouds. In many ways, this would seem like a lazy cook’s dream....

“Hello Chicago” – Owl City stuns at the Metro

Bradley Wilson, Media Manager

October 2, 2009

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On Friday September 25th, Owl City arrived at Chicago as part of their Ocean Eyes album tour. The electronic band from Minnesota, headed by Adam Young, stunned a crowd of close to five hundred at the Metro in downtown Chicago. ...

Kid Cudi the track by track

George Suchy-staff reporter

October 1, 2009

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The Down Low Kid Cudi exploded onto the music scene with his hit song “Day N’ Nite” on his first full length album Man on the Moon/ End of Day in February. The CD has garnered rave reviews from many outlets like Enterta...

No nine for the movie 9

Ian Pruett-Jones

September 30, 2009

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When you think of legendary film director Tim Burton, films like “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and even “James and the Giant Peach” come to mind. Most of Burton’s films have a similar artwork, style, and theme. Most p...

“Put Me Back Together” Weezer

July 10, 2009

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Following one of the biggest songs on the album is tough. But to me, “Put Me Back Together” not only one ups “Can't Stop Partying”, but it’s also the best track on the album. It features a vulnerable Rivers singing about...

“I Don’t Want to Let you Go” Weezer

July 10, 2009

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The closer of the album is another song that originally appeared on River’s second solo album. It’s the softest song on the albumand follows  the two loudest songs on the album. It’s very simple and to the point and kind...

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