31 Days of Halloween

It’s the perfect time of year to get snuggled up under a blanket on a cold fall night and turn on a movie. Halloween is famous for its scary and twisted movies that make people cringe when they watch them. Movies have been trying to out do each other for years, so I’ve gathered together what has been voted the top 31 favorite movies to watch during the Halloween season.

On the countdown is:

Number Thirty One – Jaws.
A giant great white shark is attacking a beach and the police want to close it down. The town council over rules it because it’s tourist season. After several attacks the police enlist help to try to capture this shark.

Number Thirty – Seven.

In this thrilling movie two detectives are trying to find a maniac who is out to kill seven people. One person for each of the seven deadly sins.

Number Twenty Nine – Seed of Chucky.

The evil plastic doll Chucky and his equally evil wife, Tiffany have a baby who grows up to be a gentle loving and caring guy. He goes to Hollywood to awaken his parents; the parents debate over whether or not to let him into the family.

Number Twenty Eight – Frankenstein.

Man made monster tries seeking social acceptance. It is a movie that shows the rescue of him and his upbringing with a Swiss family. But it’s not as nice as it sounds, this film can be terrifying.

Number Twenty Seven – One Missed Call.

Leanne’s friend is killed suddenly, and from that day on she receives strange voicemails from the future. Throughout the movie a supernatural force attacks her. Will she die or will she learn how to save herself?

Number Twenty Six – The Strangers.

A couple stays in an isolated vacation home and hear strange knocking on the door. Three violent strangers in masks appear through out the movie, while the couple struggles to stay alive.

Number Twenty Five – When a Stranger Calls.

A girl is babysitting two kids who are asleep when she gets there. Throughout the night she receives many phone calls that are either threatening or harsh breathing.

Number Twenty Four – The Birds.

A girl walks into a store and buys a bird. From then on out she is involved in a series of bird attacks that get worse as the movie goes on.

Number Twenty Three – Exorcism of Emily Rose.

When young Emily Rose dies, everyone blames it on the exorcism performed before her death. She was believed to be possessed and this was the only way to cure her.

Number Twenty Two – Shaun of the Dead.

A man decides to turn around his life around by winning back his ex-girlfriend, fixing things with his mother, and dealing with the whole community that has come back from the dead to eat the living.

Number Twenty One – Night of the Living Dead.

A group of people hide from zombies that are trying to kill them. They try hiding in places no one would even think of, but will this be enough?

Number Twenty – It.

Seven children have to struggle with defending their small town from a nightmare-ish creature named Pennywise.

Number Nineteen – The Last House on the Left.

After kidnapping and hurting two young women, a gang finds shelter in a vacation house that is owned by the parents of one of the women. The parents try to avenge their daughter in clever ways.

Number Eighteen – The Unborn.

A young woman’s unborn twin is trying to take over her body. This movie shows the struggle she goes through to keep herself alive.

Number Seventeen – Friday the 13th.

Camp councilors are trying to reopen a campsite that is a site of where a young girl drowned many years ago. Throughout the movie they are stalked, harassed, and many more things.

Number Sixteen – Final Destination.

After having a vision of the plane she is on crashes, a girl and a few of her classmates refuse to go on the plane. The plane does crash, and now death is right around the corner for all of them because they were suppose to die in that crash.

Number Fifteen – Nightmare on Elm Street.

In the dreams of his victims, a child murderer stalks the children of the members of the lynch mob that killed him.

Number Fourteen – Freddy Vs. Jason.

Not only are Freddy and Jason out to terrorize the teenage population, this time they want each other too.

Number Thirteen – The Hills Have Eyes.

An American family is being stalked by psychotic group of people who don’t live close to civilization. The family tries to survive many attacks but will their effort be good enough?

Number Twelve – Silence of the Lambs.

A young FBI cadet must confide in an incarcerated and manipulative killer to receive his help on catching another serial killer who skins his victims.

Number Eleven – The Mummy.

An American digging on an archeological excavation accidentally awakens a mummy. Now he has to deal with the consequences.

Number Ten – Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

A group of people are walking around and realize they are being stalked. They have to fend for their lives because a killer is after them. He wants their flesh, that’s the only way to feed his family.

Number Nine – Scream.

A killer is stalking a group of teenagers. This nail biting movie really makes you want to SCREAM.

Number Eight – Saw.

This killer is one of the creepiest. He takes really “bad” people and gives them one more chance to survive. He sets up puzzles for the people to get out of, but they defiantly aren’t as fun as it sounds.

Number Seven – Disturbia.

Living next door to a serial killer isn’t what Sam expects from the old man across the street from him. Throughout the movie he tries getting the murderer busted, but will he be able to do this without loosing his life?

Number Six – Halloween.

A murderer escapes from a mental institution and rampages the street. Look at his doctor’s chase to find him.

Number Five – The Ring.

A journalist investigates a video tape that anyone who watches it dies a week later. Will she be able to find out what’s behind it without killing herself?

Number Four – The Sixth Sense.

This classic is about who can communicate with spirits that don’t realize they are dead yet. He tries helping them, but he is easily frightened by his ability.

Number Three – Psycho.

A young woman steals $40,000 from her employer’s client, and subsequently encounters a young motel proprietor too long under the domination of his mother

Number Two – The Exorcist.

A teenager is possessed and her mother tries finding every possible person to help her daughter.

And finally, Number One – The Shining.

A family heads to an isolated hotel for the winter where an evil and spiritual presence influences the father into violence, while his psychic son sees horrific forebodings from the past and of the future.