What to be thankful and not thankful for at RB

As Thanksgiving approaches, people begin talking about what they are thankful for. Here is what students and staff should and should not be thankful for at RB in the upcoming weeks:

What to be thankful for:

New facilities and the end of construction. I’m pretty sure everyone in the school is relieved that every hallway is open and the construction is over. This also means there are new facilities that make everything easier. The field house, the new weight room, and the new swimming pool enhance the athletics at RB.

Football. Fans of any football team can agree on one thing: Thanksgiving is for football. The Thanksgiving weekend gives football fans the opportunity to watch the sport all weekend, highlighted by the annual NFL games on Thanksgiving.

Skyward: The new Edline has sure been a hit at RB. This online grade book is more updated and more visual-enhancing. The calendar on Skyward allows students to see what grade they got on each assignment. The gradebook mode shows students what overall grade they are getting in each class, and the message center is also very simple.

Thanksgiving break: This is always one of the best breaks of the year, but then again, what break isn’t great? Thanksgiving break is filled with food and family, and is a great holiday. This four day weekend is always needed for students and teachers alike.

What not to be thankful for:

Finals after winter break. Since we started school later than usual, RB had to change a few things. One of these things included having Finals after winter break rather than before. This makes winter break a little less enjoyable because rather than having no work to do over the break, students have to study for their finals.

Cold weather. When Thanksgiving arrives it brings with it some winter weather. Few people enjoy going outside in freezing weather to shovel paths or to warm up the car.

AP classes: This could go either way, but it lands on the not thankful list. This is the time of year when AP classes tend to start getting to students, and the homework load is very time consuming.

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving: In the past, this was a day students could be thankful, but not this year. Because of the construction, this is a mandatory school day, rather than an extra day off. This is the second year in a row that school has been in session on this day; last year was because of the flood.