REVIEW: Raditude (Weezer)

On November 3, 2009 the Alternative Rock band Weezer released their seventh studio album “Raditude”. A follow up to their 2008 album “Weezer (The Red Album)”, “Raditude” follows Weezer’s usual style of Alternative Rock with some pop melodies thrown in. Lead singer Rivers Cuomo does all the lead vocals for “Raditude”, but he didn’t write every song on the album.

“Raditude” might be Weezer’s most complete album, as it has something for every Weezer fan. Whether you prefer more alternative Weezer songs (“My name is Jonas”, “Hash pipe”) or pop Weezer songs (“Buddy Holly”, “Keep Fishin”) this album has something for you. It’s their best album musically since their second album “Pinkerton” and the lyrics are more humble like in their debut album “Weezer (The Blue Album)” than the confident lyrics in their sixth album “Weezer (The Red Album)”. The issue with the album is it has only ten songs, but their biggest album was only 13 songs (“Maladroit”). The usual number for a Weezer album is ten so this album is like a standard Weezer album.

“Raditude” is full of solid songs, with really no weak songs. That’s not to say every track is a number one hit, but there’s more good than bad on this album.

1. “(If you’re wondering if I want you to) I Want You To”

– The first track on “Raditude” is also the first single for the album. It’s more of a pop song than alternative, but it’s really catchy. The lyrics are more shy which is more Weezer’s style.

2. “I’m your Daddy”

– The second track is also more of a pop song with hints of rock thrown in. The lyrics are the best part of the song, as they are very catchy and understandable. In this song he talks about meeting a girl at a bar and thinking he’s in love. It’s a different style of pop compared to “I want you to”, so having them back to back works really well.

3. “The Girl Got Hot”

-The third track starts out with a very recognizable riff and Rivers saying “Woah oh oh oh” over and over. When you hear that first part you can easily picture it being in a commercial. I say that because I did see it in a commercial promoting the new season of Scrubs. It then goes into lyrics describing Rivers seeing someone he used to know many years later and she got hot. Along with talking about how he doesn’t have a chance with her and how her friends didn’t get hot this song took a few listens to really like. I liked the beginning right away, but after a couple times I came to appreciate the song as whole and it’s one of my favorite tracks on the album.

4. “Can’t Stop Partying”

– The fourth track is definitely going to be the big hit of the album. It’s not my personal favorite song on the album, but it’s got the recipe to be a hit. It was originally an acoustic song on River’s second solo album “Alone II: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo”, but for the album they sped it up and added more dance like music. The biggest draw for the song is that Lil Wayne contributed a verse. I’m not a huge Lil Wayne fan, but I really like his contributions to “Cant Stop Partying”. It takes the song from good to great. And besides that Rivers has great lyrics about his love to party. Some Weezer fans will prefer the acoustic version on River’s solo album, which I think is very good as well.

5. “Put Me Back Together”

– Following one of the biggest songs on the album is tough. But to me, “Put Me Back Together” not only one ups “Cant Stop Partying”, but it’s also the best track on the album. It features a vulnerable Rivers singing about getting dumped. He’s clearly not over it, and says when he falls down she puts him back together. I really enjoy this song because it follows Weezer’s usual vulnerable lyrics and has a catchy hook which is the highlight of the song. It’s probably not my favorite Weezer song of all time, but it is definitely my favorite song on the album.

6. “Trippin’ down the Freeway”

– After “Put me Back Together” is “Trippin down the freeway” which features a similar formula to “I’m your Daddy”, with catchy lyrics and a fun chorus. It’s a good song, but it doesn’t stick out as much as the last two tracks. It also features a fun guitar solo.

7. “Love is the Answer”

– The seventh track on the album is clearly the most unusual. It features Indian drums and hindu style music that transitions into a very catchy and memorable chorus. The song also features a verse solely in Hindu. The chorus is enough to make this a solid track.

8. “Let it All Hang Out”

– The eighth track on the album is the hardest rocking song on the album by far. It’s got a lot of heavy guitar with a catchy chorus to go with it. The lyrics talk about a Friday evening where he is so tired from the week he’s just going to meet up with his friends and let it all hang out. The heavy guitar sets the tone where “In the Mall” picks up.

9. “In the Mall”

– The ninth track on the album is also the only song on the album not written by Rivers Cuomo. Drummer Patrick Wilson wrote this one, and although it’s a good song and the strongest musically on the album, it’s overall my least favorite song on the album. It has simple lyrics talking about roaming around in the mall with a very strong drum part and the best guitar solo on the album (discluding the bonus tracks on the deluxe version). This song is fun to listen to if you enjoy Weezer’s harder rocking songs (“Undone: The Sweater Song”, most of the album “Pinkerton”), but it doesn’t have a lasting appeal to me.

10. “I Don’t Want to Let you Go”

– The closer of the album is another song that originally appeared on River’s second solo album. It’s the softest song on the albumand follows  the two loudest songs on the album. It’s very simple and to the point and kind of relates back to “Put me Back Together” because it’s about not wanting to let the girl go after they broke up. Vocals are the main focus of the song, as there’s not much going on in the background. I think it’s a perfect way to close the album, because it’s very relaxing and kind of soothes into the end.

Overall “Raditude” is a great album especially for Weezer fans. I’ve listened through it many times and even though I’m a huge Weezer fan, I think non-Weezer fans could really enjoy this album if given a chance.