Top 10 graphic novels

10 .KnightFall part 1- Without a doubt one of the best Batman stories ever told. It introduced comic fans to Bane and even had the fall of the very Batman himself

9. 300- Frank Millers epic tale of 300 Spartans versus millions of Persians. Some striking artwork combined with a rich story make for a must read.

8. Wanted- Mark Millar tells of the lowly Wesley Gibson’s rise from nerdy tech guy into international/inter dimensional super criminal. A very original idea told from the perspective of the bad guy makes this one interesting.

7. The Punisher Presents: Barracuda- A story centered on Barracuda, who is by one of the most deranged characters in the entire Marvel universe, I mean come on he’s taken The Punisher to his limits and this series epitomizes his brutality.

6. Batman: The Long Halloween- My personal favorite Batman story. Two-Face’s origin story is told in the way of a classic mystery. It’s not lacking in any way id say this is a great read for Batman, Two face or mystery fans.

5. Spiderman: Kraven’s Last Hunt- Kraven is a severely underrated charterer and this story shows why he should get a lot more attention. I don’t want to spoil it but it’s a great ending and is almost sad.

4. Superman: For All Seasons- Jeph Loeb’s amazing writing with one of the best artists Tim Sale create a fascinating tale about Superman growing up in a small town and becoming The Man of Steel he is today.

3. Hellboy: The Right Hand of doom- A collection of short stories centering on both Hellboy and the BPRD, each tale is interesting and none seem to drag on. One of my favorite stories King Vold is in this edition and is a great read.

2. Watchmen- It’s the Watchmen, just read it and shut up.

1. After a little discussion the best graphic novel is arguable I’ll let the fans decide