Forget football, try futball – FIFA 2011 Preview

Hrvoj Zolo, Staff Reporter

FIFA is a soccer video game that is played on almost every gaming system around the world. The game has many attributes to it like Be a Pro, where you simply create your own player and work your way up to the best team in the world.

The latest FIFA game, FIFA 2010, won “50 sports game of the year awards.” The new FIFA 2011 will be built off of the 2010 version, which will make it an even better game. In 2011, the creators focus more on high skilled players and low skilled players. When you create a player they will start off low skilled, and you will have to work your way up, this also happens with players that aren’t ranked high on other teams. Players with low skill won’t be able to pass, shoot or dribble as well as high skilled players. To boost your player skills, you will have to play games using him, so you receive point. The points you receive will be saved for you and you can add them to any category you want.

The most talked about attribute to FIFA 2011 is the “Be a Goalkeeper” mode. This is the first time in FIFA you can create a player and make him a goalkeeper. The spokesperson for this new mode will be the one and only Petr Cech, the goalie for one of the best club teams in the world, Chelsea F.C. Cech will help you along to road as you improve your goalie skills. There are three ways you can play as a goalkeeper in FIFA 2011, assisted, semi-assisted, and fully manual. It is up to you if you want to keep that clean sheet or not.

Besides those attributes, there are the regular ones too, like Manager Mode, International and Club friendlies, Virtual Pro, etc. You can play online with friends, or random FIFA players around the world.

FIFA 2011 comes out on September 28, 2010 for all consoles, the price being $59.99 for XBOX 360 and PS3. Many people love playing soccer games even if they don’t like playing soccer outside of video gaming. This is the game to get when it comes out!