The Cape an action success for NBC

The Cape an action success for NBC

The preivew poster for NBC’s new show, The Cape.

Danny Blackburn, Staff Reporter

The new NBC show called “The Cape” is based off of a comic book. This new superhero drama follows the life of a police detective in Palm City. His name is Vince Faraday (Dave Lyons) and he gets mixed up with the wrong people, and that mistake cost him his family and almost his life.

Luckily for him, misfit carnival folks take him in, and teach him some tricks that will help him bring down the people that destroyed his life.

The cape comes into play when Faraday learns how to use a black cape as a weapon.

The cape itself is a black cloak made of spider silk. He learns a variety of fighting methods that help him defend himself from all sorts of trouble.

He also wants to keep a good relationship with his son (Ryan Wynott) without endangering him. The show has also gained a lot of hype due to the presence actress Summer Glau, a Sci-fi actress who is a favorite for comic fan boys and girls everywhere. She will be playing a blogger named Orwell who investigates criminals and dirty cops. But with her arrival also came some fear. The shows she previously worked with all crashed as soon as she joined the cast. But chances are the Cape is here to stay.

 In my opinion the show is action packed, and has a good plot, and an even better cast. The new NBC show is already a hit, and the cast was a huge success when they visited comic-con convention. The Cape is a huge success and can be enjoyed by the whole family.