Hawaii five-0, continues to be a smash hit

Hawaii five-0, continues to be a smash hit

Danny Blackburn, Staff Reporter

CBS came out with a new TV show, Hawaii Five-0, in 2010. The show has progressed and is currently one of the top shows on television. The show takes place on the Hawaiian Islands, specifically Oahu. The show comes out with a new episode every week.

The plot of the show begins with the governor of Hawaii (Jean Smart) giving Steve McGarrett (Alex O’loughlin) a “do whatever you want badge”, in return for he and his team helping her with special missions on the island. McGarrett is a Navy SEAL who wants to bring justice back to Hawaii and avenge the death of his father.

During the first couple shows, he meets up with three people whom he invites to join his team. The first two are cousins that knew his father: Kono (Grace Park) and Chin (Daniel Dae Kim), both Hawaiian police officers when he meets them. The fourth member of the Five-0 team is Danno (Scott Caan) who is a trigger-happy detective trying to do a good job while spending as much time with his young daughter as possible.

In my opinion, the show has a great plot. Each episode brings something new to the scene. But I do think their guest actors and actresses lack skill and bring the show down. The cast its self is amazing, the acting is wonderful and I am always excited for the next episode. Many argue the original version of the show that aired from 1968 to 1980 was better. I think the original was a little cheesy and the plot in the modern version is displayed better.