Does Homefront keep you at home playing?

Does Homefront keep you at home playing?

Nick Kirkines, A&E Manager

You wake up one morning. It’s a day just like any other. You look out your window and view a humvee as it rumbles down your street. You see the overgrown vegetation that took over you local sports store. Suddenly a knock at your door draws your attention. You reach for the knob then….

BAM! It dawns on you: “Home is where the war is”.

Homefront grabs the player and thrusts them into a world most would rather leave unexplored. From the opening scene the message is sent that this is a battle worth fighting. The game exposes the atrocities of a totalitarian occupation as well as the adaptation of a nation changed for the worse. Nothing is more emotionally engaging than fighting on your own soil, and that’s Homefront’s greatest strength.

The game play is playable but uninspired. Seldom were there any innovations. Most of the time you moved at a snail’s pace because your allies got their feelings hurt if you tried going on alone. It often felt that any innovations in the game were just something the developer thought was cool at the time. For example towards the end of the game the player is given control of a C-130 gunship. This lasts less than a minute… Another example is around the halfway mark you are given control of a “Little Bird” helicopter. However, for being the climax of the game it is uninspired and is annoying to play.

Homefront’s multiplayer is fun, but gets old. Yes it’s fun to defend a position until you’re out of ammo. However the game is plagued by snipers. It suffers from sudden death almost immediately after spawn and causes major problems for the player.

Homefront’s story is amazing. The settings, and the sound, all prove themselves. Homefront’s focus was misplaced and that’s its greatest weakness.