The Office: ‘Promos’ episode airs as series nears conclusion


Lauren Grimaldi, Staff Reporter

After a small two week hiatus, The Office returned with its new episode ‘Promos’. The episode’s plot revolved around the office members finding promos of their documentary online, becoming very upset because they weren’t aware that in the past nine years of their lives literally everything that happened to them was filmed.

Some took it harder than others; Oscar (Oscar Nunez) and Angela (Angela Kinsley) were especially concerned because of Oscar’s affair with Angela’s husband, State Senator Robert Lipton (Jack Coleman). They are terrified that the surprise outing could cost him the election. Angela, however, is more concerned about her on and off affair with Dwight (Rainn Wilson) becoming public knowledge.

I found all of this very entertaining, and hilarious to watch. I also loved seeing the old footage of Michael Scott (Steve Carell) that definitely did not make me start crying at all. I’m happy the characters fondly said, ‘Oh, look, there’s Michael’ too, because ever since his last episode it seems like they have forgotten him completely. This scene almost made Steve Carell not returning okay with me.

Now, onto Jim and Pam. A couple minutes into the episode Pam called Jim in Philly, and to anyone with a brain, Jim seemed to not be himself. This prompted Pam to keep rewatching the previews of the documentary that had her and Jim in it. In a talking head, she said, “I really hope you got everything.” She seems to be wondering what happened to Jim and why he’s been so distant lately. In another scene, Pam reunites with boom mic guy Brian to ask him about Jim and what exactly the documenters have captured over the years. Brian says he thinks Jim has changed, but this isn’t what upsets Pam and causes her to leave. Brian reveals that the documentary covers everything. Even if the characters turn off their mics, the cameras can still pick up sound.

Pam’s reaction was a little troubling to me. Was she upset because her privacy was invaded? Or is there something she doesn’t want everyone to find out? Sadly, we were left waiting on the status of their marriage and why Pam reacted the way she did. Although I still think a divorce is highly unlikely, I’m beginning to worry even more that I’m just hoping for the best. If Jim and Pam do end up divorced, or if the show ends and their problems aren’t resolved, I will be beyond upset. I’m already sad about the show ending, why have the writers decided to cut deeper into the wounds of their die-hard fans?

Nevertheless, the last episode of the show will air on May 16. Time for me to grab the tissue box!