Dragonlance Chronicles brings back an all-time classic

Dragonlance Chronicles brings back an all-time classic

Cameron Yarger, Staff Reporter

The Dragonlance Chronicles trilogy is classic, to say the least, in the fantasy genre that has fallen through the cracks today and needs to be brought back into people’s hands to read.

The Dragonlance Chronicles is a three book series written by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. This series takes the perspective of eight companions as they try to rid their homeland from the evil forces that have seemed to spring up out of nowhere and spread the word of the gods that look over them. The world they live in is a landmass called Krynn, which doesn’t take up their whole world but it makes up a good chunk of it.

The story starts in an Inn.  It’s said that seven companions are supposed to meet in the Inn that night after five years of being apart. As the night goes on six of the seven companions show up:  Tanis Half-Elven, Sturm Brightblade, Caramon Majere, Raistlin Majere, Flint Fireforge, and Tasslehoff Burrfoot. Tanis, as his name implies, is a half-elf/half-human who is the leader of the rag tag group. Sturm is a noble human night who wears and uses the only inheritance his father gave him at death, a suit of armor from The Knights of Solamnia and an ancient Solamnatic sword and shield. Caramon is a huge strong human very comparable to an ox and is twin brothers with Raistlin. Raistlin is a small, weak magic user, the exact opposite of his twin brother, but when both of them fight they combine magic and steel with ease and perfection. Flint Fireforge is an elderly dwarf that still has enough fight in him to go on one last adventure. Finally Tasslehoff Burrfoot is a Kender, one of a small people that are experts in mischief and thieve. The seventh companion should have been Kitiara Uth Matar, Caramon and Raistlin’s half sister, but she sent a letter saying she was too busy to come. While at the inn, two Barbarians come in a sit down listening intently to everyone conversations, and when they stir up trouble Tanis takes charge and gets his group and the Barbarians out of the Inn and town safely and agree to accompany them to make sure they are safe.

These three books are the best books I’ve ever read in the Fantasy genre. They are based off of Dungeons and Dragons, so they are literally based of the origin of the Fantasy genre. These books made me not ever want to stop reading and they left me really sad when I finished the trilogy because there wasn’t any more of the adventure left to read. The authors do a great job making you feel close to these characters and making you actually come to care for them. They also using settings so vivid sometimes I’d get lost in thought while reading just thinking about where they were. They also change the point of to the other companions frequently so you learn about each and everyone’s thoughts and beliefs, hearing each side of the story when they split apart at times.  What’s more, the authors do it in a non confusing way.

The character development is great; the writer makes you feel personally close to all the characters by letting you understand their feelings, hopes, desires, and inner conflicts. This book should be a book read by all in high school, it teaches you to think before you act, that who you care about and surround yourself with really make you who you are, and that sometimes you have to grow-up faster than you should have leaving behind to innocent adolescent to make sure the ones you love aren’t harmed. These morals and the countless others are things teenagers should read and ponder about and if they end up catching your interest there are hundreds of books in the Dragonlance universe.