How I Met Your Mother: Romeward Bound


Lauren Grimaldi, Staff Reporter

The latest episode of How I Met Your Mother was mainly centered around Lily and Marshall’s marriage and whether or not it would be viable for their family to move to Rome for Lily’s dream job. They ultimately decided not to move, but I was left wishing that they had at least for a little while.

They’ve lived in New York for most of their life and it’s about time they’ve taken a risk and ventured out into the unknown.

I’m also really glad that this episode focused around them because ever since they had their baby they’ve seemed to become more minor characters.

The reasoning behind their decision to not move seemed to be driven by not wanting to leave Barney, Robin, and Ted.

I predict, however, that after Barney and Robin get married and after Ted meets the future mother of his children, Lily and Marshall will move and venture out to a new location to finally be on their own.

This may not happen this season, but I think by the time the show comes to an end, that will be their conclusion. The show generally tends to be similar to the 90’s sitcom Friends and I would be very satisfied if Lily and Marshall ended up like Chandler and Monica.

Stay tuned for more reviews! The end of the season is rapidly approaching.