How I Met Your Mother: Bro Mitzvah

Lauren Grimaldi, Staff Reporter

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Fans of the show have probably been expecting Barney Stinson’s bachelor party to be the most over the top but ridiculously hilarious thing ever, and the newest episode did not disappoint.

Ted and Marshall were the perpetrators of this harrowing night that I’m sure Barney will never forget.

To get back at Barney for all of his manipulating ways throughtout the show, his friends decided to take a tip from the master of deception and plan the worst night of Barney’s life.

To start off the hotel they arrived at was far from Atlanic City, where they had originally planned to have the party. Barney’s ex fianace also showed up making it quite awkward when he revealed his engagement to Robin. The night was full of a lot of surprises; including a guest appearance from Ralph Macchio, Barney’s least favorite character from the popular movie The Karate Kid.

The terrible night ended with Robin ‘leaving’ Barney, leaving him  crushed. However, when Barney retreated up to his apartment his friends were all there to tell him that all of this was a joke.

Barney initially pretended to be mad but couldn’t hide how much he actually loved this prank.

While the trick was pretty mean, I found it to be absolutely hilarious. Barney has constantly manipulated his friends throughout the years so this was the perfect payback. Barney hating Ralph Macchio for defeating the villian in Karate Kid was perfect for his character.

Stay tuned for more reviews! The season is almost over.

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Lauren Grimaldi, News Editor
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Lauren Grimaldi is very excited to spend her last of high school as an editor on Clarion. When she isn’t writing superb news stories, she can be found watching tv and cheering on the Blackhawks to another Stanley Cup.

In the past, Lauren has participated in Badminton, RBTV, and Seussical the Musical for which she won an Academy Award for her portrayal of a jungle animal/courtroom person. Next year, she hopes to attend college in Chicago and major in Political Science.

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How I Met Your Mother: Bro Mitzvah