“Dead Island: Riptide” just a revived version of the first game

Dead Island: Riptide just a revived version of the first game

Cameron Yarger, Staff Reporter

Dead Island Riptide is a the sequel to the past game Dead Island if you could even call them separate games.

The game starts off immediately after you escape the infected area of the first game in a helicopter.  The immune survivors are perfectly fine physically, but mentally not so much.  Soon they figure out they’re running out of fuel and will have to land, and then out in the distance a Navy ship is seen. They make a landing on the ship and the soldiers there take you prisoner. Once thrown into the prison you find another prisoner named John who is also immune and he decides to join your ragtag group. Soon the ship’s alarm goes off and the undead are on the ship and you have to get off. Your group and the soldiers team up to try and make sure the ship doesn’t crash. After they fail and the ship crashes, someone wakes you up on a beach in all the carnage of the crash.

Dead Island was a good game  in my opinion, but much like Borderlands 2, struggled because it was redundant and boring Dead Island Riptide is much like that. The setting is really the only big change although it’s literally almost the same, just another island. That’s just sad that they couldn’t think of anywhere to put it so they went back to an island again. Sure it’s called Dead Island but there’s got to be some setting change or it’s like playing the same game twice. Game play is exactly the same:  just kill zombies and try to progress through the same storyline of getting off of the island. Zombies work in the same way, mostly walkers with some special infected and of course cars and boats.  Although boats are new, that’s not a selling point in my view. They also raised the level cap by ten levels and put in a new character, John, a hand to hand combat specialist.  While there are five players now it’s still only a four player co-op game. Graphics are the exact same no better no worse.

Overall this game should not be bought; you can get the same experience out of Dead Island for a lot less money. I would only  recommend  this game for die hard Dead Island or zombie game fans.  It’s just not a game worth buying or playing unless you are a true fan.