Thor 2 more partly cloudy than full thunderstorm

Thor 2 more partly cloudy than full thunderstorm

Robby Filec, Features Reporter

‘Thor 2’ is like apple pie.  Apple pie is usually consistent.  If you eat too much, it’s sweet, but just the right amount is good.

Before viewing ‘Thor 2:  The Dark World,’ I figured it would be your average superhero movies.  Don’t get me wrong, I had a blast watching it.  Nevertheless, I was correct; it was your classic superhero movie.  I guess that’s how it had to be.

Thinking about it, there could have been a much better ending and plot line overall.  Dark Elves.  Really?I can compare Thor 2 to apple pie,

By way of trying to explain Dark Elves, many millenia ago, there was a battle between Odin’s father and the Dark Elf Malekith (Christopher Eccleston).  Malekith wanted to sue a magical weapon called the Aether to plunge the universe into darkness.  The Dark Elves were defeated but a few, with Malekith, escaped.  The Aether was hidden for many years until it was found by Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), Thor’s (Chris Hemsworth) human love.  She was transported to another world by exploring a portal that popped up because all the Nine Worlds are coming closer. She absorbs the Aether and awakens Malekith. Thor returns to take Jane to Asgard much to Odin’s (Anthony Hopkins) disapproval. After the Dark Elves attack Asgard, Thor knows he needs to release the Aether from Jane and stop the Elves. However he needs some help. So he turns to his imprisoned step brother, Loki (Tom Hiddelston), the villain of the Avengers who wanted to enslave humankind. Maybe an Asgardian dungeon made him have a change of heart?

Though the plot was good at points, it was too easy to guess.  I saw the ending coming.  Like most superhero movies, there’s a bad guy who hurts the girl or takes something or is after something, and the underdog comes, dukes it out with him, and wins.  That’s how it is supposed to be for superhero movies.  Anything else would be wrong.  Still, it could change from time to time.  maybe the hero doesn’t win right away.  Left battered and bruised, his beloved city in ruins, the hero could come back for a rematch and win at a terrible cost.

I guess the idea of Dark Elves kind of throws me off too.  Elves either equate to Legolas in Lord of the Rings, or the tiny creatures that make you Keebler cookies. They just aren’t malicious, dwarf and human creatures with pointed ears. Elves do not seem evil, and here they seemed like a weak villain for Thor. They just had bigs ships, the Aether, and there was one who could morph into a big beast. Otherwise they were just warm up.

The action scenes were a positive. There was a good amount of action, and well spaced throughout the movie.  The movie distributed the action as well.  It wasn’t just Thor fighting.  Minor characters were key in battles as well.  It was neat to see Malekith and Thor fight through different worlds, going through the portals created during the coming closer of the Nine Worlds.  The audience got to watch Thor’s hammer going in many directions trying to locate its master. The dialogue wasn’t that bad, and there were some good lines as well.

Overall, it was your average superhero movie.  Apple pie for better or worse.

I would give “Thor 2:  A Dark World” a 6 out of 10.