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Star Wars 7 trailer forces audiences to pay attention

Robby Filec, Story Editor

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I am left in awe of the trailer from Star Wars 7. It was beautiful. Star Wars was my childhood, I had no bigger desire than to have a light saber. It has brought out the nerd in me that I cannot deny. I believe it will do well, not like many other reboots or sequels. The teaser trailer was tantalizing enough to leave people hanging, and reassured the fandom’s fears that it would not be overkill CGI, like The Amazing Spiderman 2 was. The original special effects still look like they will be incorporated in the movie.

There has been some hate over the black Stormtrooper, John Boyega. I don’t think he’s actually a Stormtrooper. I’m pretty sure he is a Jedi. Steve Baer can attest to that as well.

The R2 “soccer ball” droid seems great, and the Stormtroopers in the next scene look revamped, and they just look like they mean business, unlike past Stormtroopers, who seem very dumb and easy to kill.

The X wings flying across the water gave me the shivers. It was just awesome.

Then the light saber with a cross guard made of lasers brings up many questions. Will this light saber actually be better with the cross guard? Are there a lot of new variations of light sabers? Who is the Sith Lord wielding this weapon?

The Millenium Falcon. That’s all I can say.

So this trailer has done an amazing job at getting me pumped for Star Wars, and is making really making me contemplate purchasing a light saber. Or create one.




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They, (they being doomsayers,) were wrong. They, (the same people,) said the world was going to end in 2012. They, (yes the very same people,) did not realize that 2014-2015 would be Robby Filec’s last year of Clarion, and that the world would  end a few years later than planned. Unless he can do something about it… Along with his older, vast array of super powers, he gained new powers after being pushed into radioactive waste by Niko Radicanin, (which is a long story.) These powers include the ability to stuff cupcakes whole into his mouth, quote movies excessively, and sing in the shower, which may give him an edge in saving the world from total destruction.

Robby Filec is a senior (or in 12th grade,) at Riverside Brookfield High School and obviously works on Clarion. He is the President of Student Association Exeecutive Board. He is also very active in Young Life and owns his own landscaping company. (He does free estimates for people in the Riverside Brookfield area.) Filec enjoys spending time with his family and has a younger but taller brother (Frankie,) at RB. Filec is unable to believe how fast time has flown since he wrote his first staff profile just three years ago. He is excited to make his last year in Clarion and at RB a memorable one.

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