Rainbow: is it worth the listen?


Evan Moyer , Staff reporter

Its not bad to try out a band you haven’t heard of, even if its older than you, at least give it a try. Who knows you may like it.

Rainbow was a band created by Ritchie Blackmore (previously the guitarist in Deep Purple) created a lot of the songs that have a very medieval feel thanks to the collaboration between Dio and Blackmore. Many of their songs, as epic as they sound, weren’t being played to mainstream radio stations. Then one day Ritchie decided he wanted to make catchy songs, not the long epics, leaving Dio to say “I do epic songs, songs that have feelings. I don’t do poppy love songs like Ritchie does”.

The thing is with Rainbow there are different incarnations of the band: a more medieval epic sounding version, and a poppy feel to their songs in the 80’s. To be honest if the poppy sounding sounds were released nowadays, they would do really well and would be stuck in teens heads. The songs I recommend are “Since You Been Gone”, “I Surrender” “Stone Cold” “and “Street of Dreams”.The albums I would recommend are “Down to Earth” “Straight Between the Eyes” “Difficult to Cure” and “Bent Out of Shape”.

But Rainbow wouldn’t last long. In 1984, Ritchie Blackmore left vocalist Joe Lynn Turner in the dust to join a Deep Purple reunion tour. Rainbow would return in 1995, and with an entirely new lineup except Ritchie, they would play medieval themed music.

If you don’t like the poppy side of Rainbow, the albums I would recommend are “Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow”, “Rising”, and “Long Live Rock N’ Roll”, basically all the albums from the Dio years of Rainbow. The songs I would recommend are “Man on The Silver Mountain”, “Temple of the King”, “Catch the Rainbow”, “Stargazer”, “A Light in the Black”, and “Kill the King”.

Even though Rainbow didn’t last a ton of years, many teens would enjoy the band nowadays for being one of the first hard rock bands and the first poppy bands as well. You never know if something’s good until you try it.