Medal of Honor a hit or miss experience

Nick Kirkines, Entertainment Manager

Assaulting a former soviet base, dropping heavy ordinance on enemy tanks, riding through the mountains of Afghanistan on ATV’s, repelling dozens of enemy fighters as you run low on ammunition, and sniping enemies from a mile away—all sound like a great idea in concept; however it seems EA and DICE had trouble with the technical aspect of Medal of Honor.

The story is an amazing tale of the trials that US troops face in a two day period. The soundtrack is strong and orchestral. It truly improves upon the feeling that charges through the campaign.

Glitches and oddities plague MoH, and while none of these ruin the experience, they do take away from it. In one mission I was sneaking through an enemy outpost. As I progressed I came across this totally oblivious guard. My AI partner decided to stealthily stab him in the back. As I walked past the scene the enemy suddenly sprung to life shooting me in the back and then dropping dead, alerting the whole base in the process.

 Something else that also got annoying was in the first mission where you play as an ARMY Ranger. At the end of this mission you are being attacked from all sides. Taliban fighters are closing in on your squad. The whole time I’m being reminded to conserve ammo. This really bought tension to the battle as I fought for survival. Finally when my last magazine was out I walked up to one of my AI companions and he gave me 1000 rounds of ammo. 1000 ROUNDS OF AMMO! Is it me or does the thought of being closed in on from all sides lose its tension when you know your weapon, which is better in every way than the enemies’, is locked and loaded?

In single player, the explosions also look unfinished. They look as if someone just put the color orange in them, and that is all they did. These are minor complaints but still they ruined the immersion.

Multiplayer is where this game shines. The explosions are big and beautiful, with bits of debris flying through the air. Guns feel strong without being overpowered. The game modes ‘Team Assault (Team Deathmatch), Sector Control (Domination)’ both serve to be fun. However, they are plagued with snipers. ‘Combat Mission and Objective Raid’ are by far the best game modes. They have you fight in a grueling battle of firepower vs. the element of surprise. Bombs go off all around you, tanks blow up beside you, air strikes turn the bleak sky into a flurry of poetic destruction. All make this game’s multiplayer great.

Medal of Honor stumbled where it should’ve shined and shined where it should’ve stumbled. This isn’t a bad thing, but a game should be able to stand up on single player alone, and not have to rely solely on multiplayer.

The game is fun, it just won’t define the genre.