Restaurant review: Cheesies

by Tyler Miller | November 2, 2017 11:00 am

Cheesies recently opened on LaGrange Road. Their menu mainly consists of gourmet grilled cheeses.

Before going and trying this spot out for myself, I had hope since there was no other restaurant in the area that specialized in just grilled cheeses.

The menu was a bit over priced, but I was willing to give it a try since there was a wide variety of sandwich toppings including mac n’ cheese, bacon, pulled pork, along with many other diverse toppings.

It was recommended that I try the classic grilled cheese, also known as the “O.G.” which I ended up getting along with the mac n’ cheese bites.The total ended up being around 25 dollars for the two sandwiches with the side and a soda.

When I first tasted the sandwich I was not surprised. It tasted like a normal grilled cheese that could be made by anyone, which was a little upsetting. To make it stand out, it should have had better quality bread and cheese. Next were the mac n’ cheese bites with a side of chipotle mayo. They were better than the sandwich; cheesy, and delicious.

To conclude, the sandwich should have been of a higher quality, but could get better with a few more toppings, and the mac n’ cheese bites were a total thumps up. If anyone were to go, I would recommend getting. More diverse toppings on the sandwich, and the sides were good to accompany the sandwich.

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