What are you thankful for?

What We’re Thankful For
A short survey of what RB students and staff are thankful for this holiday season.

Kate Walsh, Junior:
“I’m thankful for my family.”

Mrs. Marielli, Staff:
“I’m thankful for my granddaughter Vivienne.”

Natalie Viscarello, Senior:
“I’m thankful for good teachers.”

Eleanore Wazak, Junior:
“Friends and family.”

Kayla Gallik, Senior:
“I’m thankful for great times over the years with friends.”

Taylor Dalton, Junior:
“My mom.”

Brianna Griggs, Junior:
“Family, friends, people who love me, and a house over my head.”

Andrew Brondos, Junior:
“Family and Friends.”

Frankie Hackle, Senior:
“I’m thankful that I have a roof over my head.”

Amiee Patterson, Senior:
“The cast and crew of the fall play.”

Jake Payne, Freshman:
“I’m thankful I have friends in high school.”

Dovas Lietuvninkas, Sophomore:
“I’m thankful for Lithuania.

Alex Wilson, Senior:
“The World Wide Web.”

Caitlin Clark, Junior:
“I’m thankful for books, and chocolate, and tea.”