Is this year too much for freshmen?


Hannah Pecis, Staff Reporter

The transition between middle school and high school can be stressful for some, but for others it cannot happen soon enough. 

There is no doubt that leaving middle school is a big change. There are more extracurriculars, homework, and more commitments in general. According to Annabelle Daily and Mimi Peña, they each have about five classes of homework, or two to three hours a night. This is a big change from when they were in eighth grade because ,then, they only had about an hour a night.

Between clubs, sports, and other out of school activities, plus the homework, there is barely any down time for the new freshmen. Now this may sound like an impossible balancing act, but in only the fourth week of school, the new comers to the Riverside Brookfield high school family already love it.

 The only word Peña had to describe the year so far was “Awesome!!!” The girls love being busy and having new things to try.

For the most part, these girls said they felt fully prepared when leaving middle school that they all had the tools that they needed to make it a successful year.

Erika Sterner said, “The only thing I would change so far is, maybe we could have gotten a more in depth tour of the school, I got lost a lot.”

Everyone was in agreement though in thinking that this was the start of a great year.