Ashley (far right) at a Cubs game with friends!

Ashley (far right) at a Cubs game with friends!

Charlie Connelly, Staff Reporter

Although it’s early in the year, Sophomore Ashley Ferguson is very enthusiastic about being back in school. Ferguson couldn’t be more excited to be involved with school activities and hanging out with her friends, but above all Ashley can’t wait to participate in her passion: sports. Ashley has always been very involved with the school but this year she says she really wants to focus on her athletic skills. Having academics being one of her many strong suits, Ferguson feels that juggling a busy sport schedule with her school life will be a piece of cake.

“I’ve always been very good with time management,” Ferguson said,” I guess balancing my social, school, and sports life has just been naturally easy for me.”

Ferguson has always been very into sports, ever since she was a little kid. Playing soccer since she was seven and volleyball since she was ten, she feels she has more than enough experience to take her to the next level. Ashley is currently playing for the sophomore volleyball team and plans on trying out for the soccer team in the spring. Ashley says she is very eager for the opportunities this new school year has to bring and more importantly to her, what the new volleyball season has at stake.

“Every season brings excitement but I think this year brings something a little more special. If I can do really well on the sophomore team I can definitely get more recognition for varsity than I did last year playing as a freshman. How I play this season will really impact my future in the sport,” Ferguson explained when asked about playing volleyball this fall.

Ferguson, of course, is very dedicated to everything sports, but when she is not on the volleyball court or the soccer field, she really enjoys spending more time with her friends and of course, her family.

“Sports are important but mean nothing in comparison to my good friends and family. Friends and family always come first no matter what. A sports season will come and go but the people you care about the most will always there,” she said.

Although very precise on what she wants to do with her athletic life, Ferguson doesn’t quite know what she wants to do once her high school years are finished. She says she has plenty of time to worry about college, she just wants to enjoy high school and when that time comes she’ll know what to do. Ferguson says one day she hopes that her athletic and academic skills will give her the chance at a scholarship for Volleyball, and if not volleyball then hopefully soccer.

“My main sport is volleyball, but of course if my volleyball career doesn’t pan out I always have soccer to fall back on. I’ve played soccer all my life and I am confident enough that my talents will show through my experience and most importantly, my performance,” she said.

Ferguson definitely has high goals for the future but with her enthusiastic mindset and go get ‘em attitude, absolutely nothing will get in her way of getting what she wants. Ashley has confidence and the will to succeed and by having those two very admirable qualities, she will hopefully one day reach the goals she’s always dreamed of.