The Wild West Turnabout

On Saturday February 20th, hundreds of student showed up for the annual turnabout dance. The gym was filled with students all dancing the songs the DJ was playing. The Dj played everything from “Cupid’s Shuffle” to “Soulja Boy”. They also played many songs to go along with the Wild Wild West theme. The murals which hung along the sides of the bleachers really helped add to the affect.

As is custom, the annual contest to decide which girls were able to ask their date to the dance in the most creative way was held. The winner of the girl’s contest for the sophomores was Sam Friend. Sydney Oberholtzer was the winner for the seniors.

The food in the Alumni Lounge ranged from pretzels to Goldfish. To replenish people’s thirst, lemonade and water was offered. The Turnabout “Barn Dance” was a great night for all and a great way for the students to get out and participate in a school event in the middle of the school year.

During the school week before the actual dance, student association decided to have a spirit week. Every day there was a completely different theme which students had to dress up for. Tuesday was twin day, Wednesday was Wild West day, and Thursday was crazy blue and white day. On all of those days the hallways were flooded with students participating in spirit week. On Thursday the halls were nothing but a sea of blue and white.