Class of 2012 supports Prom with green fundraiser

Prom is one of the biggest events of the school year. The cost of renting a space, decorations, and food starts to add up. That price gets added to the ticket price of the students. The student association board has come up with a fundraiser that will help reduce ticket costs of the 2011 prom and help the environment.

The new fundraiser is called Eco Phones. The main idea of the project is to gather old used electronics that people aren’t using anymore. These items are then taken and given to a company that turns them into another electronic item. An old cell phone for example can be taken and made into another newer cell phone.

More than 80% of electronic items are reusable. Then remaining 20% are manufactured in Texas where they are once again, turned into other raw materials. Recycling old electronics can help the environment, while also helping schools.

The approximate value that RB will be receiving for one donated phone is between $10-$15. A laptop can be valued anywhere from $45-50. An iPod can make around $20. RB started this program on Monday, May 3rd and has already collected ten phones, one keyboard, and one printer.

Class of 2012 treasurer Julie Sinde, said, “I think this is a good fundraiser simple yet effective and that makes an impact on both prom and the environment.”

Eco Phones will be an ongoing fundraiser until the last day of school. The Student Association board will be considering continuing the fundraiser next year based on its success.