Eco-Action team moving towards greener school

Science and SEE team teacher Jame Holt is starting an eco-activist club and taking an environmental program to the next level.

The Eco-Action team is entering into the Eco-Schools program though the National Wildlife Federation and HSBC Bank. The program is to become more eco-friendly and save money for schools.

The club is participating in contests through Lexus and Scholastic Publishing, and they have a chance to win $10,000 prize towards environmental projects.

The first challenge had to do with land and water. They are currently working on the second challenge, which has to do with air and climate, focusing on fossil fuels, gases, global warming, and climate change. There are no details on the third challenge yet, as the club has to be a finalist of the second challenge to learn about the third.

The club is led by Holt, and assistant principal Tim Scanlon is a supporter of the club as well. There are currently about 10-12 students involved in an early action role. The club has not been publicized yet, and they are expecting more to join once the word gets out about it.

Senior Caitlin Clark, a member of the group, said “I’m an Eco Club officer, but it’s limited financially. In this program we can get a better recycling program, do a rooftop garden, enhance the school, and maybe even get solar panels to heat the pool. There’s just more that we can do. Eco Club is really eduactional and we can do small things with it, but in this group we can make huge changes.”

 Holt would like for a teacher from each department to be involved in the Eco-Action team in order to incorporate environmental practices and concepts into the classroom.