Kimbo takes a Slice out of UFC

Joseph Sauer, opinion editor

Kimbo Slice, internet sensation, has recently been invited to The Ultimate Fighter, and most people think that he has no chance to achieve the contract at the end of the season. Kimbo is thought of by many of the other fighters as a giant target and an even bigger “joke”. They feel that Kimbo has no experience in MMA and has no place on the show. Kimbo himself thinks that he has a chance to prove himself and believes he can become a member of the UFC.

I myself believe in Kimbo. He may not be as experienced as some of the other fighters, but in my opinion he is going to win. I believe that he could easily beat anyone else on Coach Rashad’s team. In my mindset, there are only two other fighters on the team that could stand a chance against Kimbo: Roy Nelson and Rashad Evans himself.

Roy Neslon is actually a well rounded MMA fighter; since he is an International Fight League champion. He has had quite a record with 13 wins out of 17 fights. Nelson has never been submitted and has only been knocked out once. Nelson might actually beat Kimbo because of his experience. Yet Kimbo still has a chance against Nelson, and Nelson is the only chance Team Rashad has against beating Kimbo Slice.

If there was a match between Kimbo and Rashad Evans, the winner would obviously be Evans. No matter how great Slice is, he has no chance against an actual pro in the UFC. If the team found themselves desperate to get rid of the beast that is Kimbo Slice, as a lsat resort they would have to throw in the coach himself to settle to score.

So Team Rashad, this is all I have to ask you: Team Rampage has some Kimbo Pie. Would you like a Slice?