Renovation was the right choice

The construction is almost over and the school is practically complete. Now that we are at the end of all of it, was it worth it? People have to look past the fact that the construction was a hassle and look at the many great things it has done for this school and our community.

When you walk in to the newly remodeled school, what do you see? Besides other students and staff members, you will see a brand new entrance, lunchroom, class rooms, field house, pool, little theater, bathrooms, hallways, computer labs, library and soon to be auditorium.

The school has under gone a huge transformation and I think it’s for the best.

A lot of students will say the construction wasn’t worth the hassle, but for all the new students coming in the future, it’s a great thing. So though you may not think it’s worth it. In the long run, it will provide students in the future and present with a nicer school to be in.

People may say we should put the hassle beside and look what it did for our academics. Now most people don’t think it helped out our academics but it did. It helped us if we ever wanted new teachers in the future. Not to say that our teachers now aren’t great teachers, but there is always be a time were we are going to need new teachers in our school. These new teachers can make a difference with our academics.

The reason why our new school will help with getting teachers is because they, like the rest of the other working community, want to work in a place that has a nice environment.

We also have new science labs. It is better to do experiments in a cleaner facility than a dirty one. This may help students become more willing to learn.

Space in the future might have become more limited if we didn’t make the school have more classrooms. So expanding the size of our school makes it easier to accommodate everyone both at present and in the future.

Another problem people have with this school is the cost. People may say it raised our taxes and cost the school a lot of money. That may be true but this needed to be done for many reasons.

All schools need to get upgraded once in a blue moon. Plus we didn’t just make new rooms, but we also redid our heating system and electrical system which needed to be redone. This project was going to be done sooner or later. So we should be happy that we can enjoy the new school for a year or so.

Let’s put the academics out of the picture and talk about why this needed to be done. As years go on, we are bound to get more kids to come into are school and we are going to need more rooms to accommodate them. We also re-did a lot of internal things that students don’t see.

Now I’m not saying there weren’t any down sides to this construction project. But for the most part, I think it was a good thing. Everything I can think of that is bad, I can find a positive element or benefit to counter balance it.

So think what you want, but I feel that this school-wide renovation was worth it in the end.