Fantasy got you down?

Do the names Adrian Peterson, Matt Forte, and Maurice Jones- Drew mean little to nothing to you? However, do you still find these men along with the other mesomorphs of the NFL and NCAA to be the main topic when conversing with the men in your life? 

“More than 27 million players play fantasy football,” said Colin Cowherd of ESPN. “They [players] spend an average of nine hours a week during the football season…playing fantasy football.”

Boys, girls, teachers, parents, we are all equally affected by fantasy football. For those that are indirectly affected by this time consuming hobby, this can be a trying time of the year. You know you want to understand, but you don’t know how.

“I am completely clueless when I’m sitting around with the guys and they go on and on about the trades and who’s playing who this weekend,” said senior and second hand fantasy victim, Victoria Zeman. “I love football just as much as anyone, but enough is enough.”

There are two types of competition formats. First of which is Head-to-Head, where weekly games are played against specific opponents, much like the NFL. The second being Total Points, in which cumulative points during the season determine winners, or playoff teams.

“My team is really good this year, and all my players are performing at a very high level,” said Senior and fantasy owner, Matt Scott. “I beat Mark [McDonagh] this weekend in the head-to head, and he was previously undefeated.”

Participants, “owners,” earn “fantasy points” by using the statistics of real football players. Each “owner” designates which players from their roster will be starting each week. These are the only players who can score any points for that week.

Typically the starting lineup goes as followed-

One Quarterback (QB)
Two Running Backs (RB)
Two Wide Receivers (WR)
One Flex (a position which allows you to play an additional RB or WR)
One Tight End (TE)
One Placekicker (K)
One Team Defense/ Special Teams (DST)

So stay informed and after the Super Bowl, savor that precious month of February, because March Madness is right around the corner.