A new route to internet safety

Internet safety was on the minds of RB students and staff when they took time out of their second-period classes to show videos centered around the prevention of cyberbullying. While those who organized this school-wide presentation may have had their heart in the right place, in my opinion this attempt simply accomplished nothing.

All in all, I feel that it was a waste of what could have been valuable class time. Now I’m not saying that I wish we had had class instead, but I still don’t think there was a need for the internet safety presentation. RB administrators’ number one goal for us as students should be for us to do well in school. Taking us out of class time only gave us less time to learn. Apart from this, the majority of us already knew most of the information told to us in the videos and if someone really wanted to know more about their own online safety they could have asked or found out for themselves.

I think it was an overall smart idea to try to do something like this if it was done in a better, more original way. It should’ve been shorter and turned its focus a little more on the consequences of cyberbullying instead of ways not to become a victim of it. It would have done more justice to take us out of class if we were showed what can happen to us if we were bullying someone. A lot of people already know that it’s common sense not to send naked pictures of yourself to people and not to give out all of your personal passwords.

So if the school ever plans on having this presentation again I think it would be a good idea, but they should take a different route with it. I think that would be the best solution for everyone.