Cyber Session a Good Cause

RB students recently participated in a school wide extended class period designed to inform them about the dangers of the internet. This was a step in the right direction. They are all susceptible to virtual harassment whether we think so or not. While it is more likely that someone less popular would receive the harsh treatment, it can happen to anybody.

The sad reality is that it does happen to a lot of people, unknowingly at first. Several cases of Facebook harassment have already surfaced here at RB, and it is just not something you would like to see from a school expected to know better.

But remember that children can be crueler to each other than adults. There are no limitations on what can be put on one’s personal information on the Internet. Still, the great thing is that we are taking the initiative and helping others to better understand the preemptive measures that they can take to protect themselves from cyber bullying.

Facebook alone offers several different security features that can help stave off offenders. The fact that RB has taken notice and is now attempting to step in is very important in preventing future problems. I’m glad that students now have a safe haven to confide in if they do run into problems via the internet.

I don’t necessarily condone the administration butting in to our everyday social lives, but I do appreciate the fact that they’re willing to lecture us on safety and ways to prevent problems where they are needed to step in. It’s an unfortunate reality, but one that must be confronted, and now has been.