Year One: A Freshie’s Opinion

Looking back on the 2009-2010 school year many people know what seniors think about it. Most stick with the “It was a great experience” and “I’m gonna’ miss this school.”  Now there is nothing wrong with those opinions. However what do people who aren’t leaving for college think of their first year of high school?

Of course I am talking about the freshman! As a freshman, I felt that this high school gave me an amazing first year of education. Not only did I mature more because of the constant barrage of upperclassman opinions and discussions, but I was also able to form my own.

Riverside Brookfield is the most school spirited school that I’ve attended. RBHS has given underclassman so many memorable experiences as a result. Some of which being the Freshman Football Conference Champs, the Freshman’s first homecoming dance, Freshman orientation, and even making new friends is an experience worth noting.

Sure we were called Freshies and weren’t given the same respect as upperclassmen. However what the upperclassmen did provide was a welcoming environment for the Freshies to “gain their wings”.

Sure we as freshman may have formed some ill-fitting opinions of others, or showed disrespect to those who deserve it. However what can we expect from freshman? I look forward to next year and having many more experiences. I can already tell that the class of 2013 is going to have many great years ahead of us.