Too old to trick-or-treat?

Too old to trick-or-treat?

Halloween brings out candy cravings in all of us, but how old is too old?

Hannah Pecis, Staff Reporter

Too old to go trick – or – treating? Not yet! So many teenagers aren’t sure whether they should go trick – or – treating or not. They don’t want it to be awkward or they don’t want to be made fun of.

So when is it a good idea to let those ideas take charge and kick the candy collecting? It’s definitely not eighth grade or even freshman year. In eighth grade there is hardly anyone who doesn’t. Freshmen year of high school, kids can still easily get away with trick – or – treating. No one thinks anything of it. Freshmen are still perceived as fairly young. So it’s a good time to do all of the things they wouldn’t be able to do in a year or two.  The best example is, of course, trick – or – treating. No one questions it and a good number of kids that age also still go. Plus, it’s free candy isn’t it?

Sophomores may have a different outlook on the whole thing though. When Kellie Clinton, a sophomore at Riverside Brookfield High School was asked if she was going trick – or – treating this year she said, “Yes! Of course! Why wouldn’t I?”

Clinton is even going with a group of friends, one of which she has a corresponding costume with. That is a good way to reduce the awkwardness. Having group costumes puts you and everyone in your group on the same playing field. No one sticks out like a sore thumb. They can also go out a little later so there will be less little kids. Sophomore year is a yes for trick – or – treating.

Junior and senior year get a little sketchy. They are starting to get a little old for the whole thing, but if they still want to go, a good way around being awkward is to take a little sibling. That way they still get candy and they have an excuse to go. Another alternative to that is to just go to a party. It’s still fun, they can still dress up and be with friends.

So whether or not you plan to go trick – or – treating this year, you can still have fun.