Senior Goodbye: Ken Castle

by Madison | May 22, 2012 10:24 am

In my first and only year of being on the Clarion staff, I have had a lot of fun writing different stories and getting to cover some of the sports teams of RB. This class is one of the best that I’ve been in at RB in my four years. I loved how it was a relaxed class where we could write about whatever we want and we really didn’t have any restrictions. When I was finished with writing my stories, I would be able to go on or to catch up on things that I missed and to see different ways that I could write an article on my sport that I had to write.
One of the best things about the class was that every Friday someone would bring in snacks, which was awesome, because by third period I would be ready for lunch. I remember, one Friday, Robbie Filec and I had a contest on who could shove a whole cookie in their mouths and swallow it first. He ended up winning but it was a close race.
My favorite article that I wrote this year was when the zoology classes were visited by a herpetologist named Jaime McInerny. He had brought in all different kinds of amphibians from all around the world that he takes care of at his home/office. I was able to see mostly endangered animals and learn a little about all of them that he had brought in. The coolest animal he brought in was a frog from Borneo which was just recently discovered and didn’t even have a name yet. The frog was able to mimic all different frogs that lived in the same environment as it.
Throughout the year I was able to cover three different sports: girls swimming, wrestling and baseball. If you know me, you would know that I love talking about sports and I’ll talk about all sports, so being able to write about a different variety of sports was really fun. I was able to learn more about the different athletes that RB has to offer from freshmen playing on varsity sports to the senior captains on the teams. I liked hearing how all of them started out playing their different sports, their goals they had at the beginning of their seasons, and whether at the end of the season they had accomplished their goals or not.
Overall I am going to miss this class because I loved knowing that third hour I could come to Clarion and just do whatever I wanted and it was never a big deal. I am going to miss all the kids that I was able to meet during my time on the Clarion staff. I had a fun time in this class.

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