Severe case of seniorits

Severe case of seniorits

Justin Griggs, Staff Reporter

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Symptoms include constant tiredness, loss of purpose, extreme laziness, overuse of the phrase “YOLO” and a lack of care in failure. After the long stressful junior year and being accepted into colleges, seniors seem to just give up. They lose the drive that pushed them throughout high school and a sense of accomplishment propels them into fatal sickness known as “Senioritis.”

“Why should I try? School is basically over and I have no worries,” an anonymous senior said. This senior is sadly mistaken because their career is just beginning; this year is preparation for the up and coming college life that will require hard work and dedication.

College entails constant work, large progress and endless amounts of studying; if one should stop the quest for new knowledge now, the results could be dangerous.

That senior could fail their first class in college because they are not prepared for the work load, because they subtracted hard work from the equation months before. Seniors should not completely stop trying because they have almost successfully finished high school

If you are a senior and see these symptoms within yourself, you may have senioritis. But there are things one can do in order avoid senioritis. These same measures are the actual cure for this sickness.

They include reading a book daily, not forgetting to study, getting to sleep earlier at night, using a planner to remember to do one’s work, paying attention in class and cutting down social networking time.

If you are not a senior and feel like these measures are impossible or difficult, go to your student counselor because you may have early onset senioritis.

About the Writer
Justin Griggs, Staff Reporter
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Doc. Justin Griggs, Oxford graduate, is a well respected lawyer of Illinois. His amazing reputation follows anywhere his expertise is needed and he never shys away from a problem. Doc. Griggs is a firm believer in reporting and pursuing the truth. No matter the cost, he always gets to the bottom of a story. Despite his young age he has worked for large newspaper corporations: Chicago Tribune, New York Times, Sun-times. Doc. Griggs hopes to run for President of the United States in the 2036 election.

Justin is a senior, this is his first year in Clarion, and he intends to make it one great year. He is involved in many extracurricular activities: Speech Team, OLAS, AACA, Radio ,and Performing Arts. Justin has been in all these clubs and activities all four years of high school and is currently a Speech Team Co-Captain. He is also Vice President of Riverside Brookfield’s student counsel. Justin’s outgoing personality is open to all and he is always willing to share his talents, ambitions, and passions with the world.

Justin can be reached at [email protected]

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