Girls basketball: one step closer to winning sectionals

The varsity girls’ basketball team made it through regionals with a victory and moved on to sectionals. On Monday February 21, the team played Nazareth Academy in their first sectional game. The entire time the teams were neck and neck, until RB pulled through at the very last second making a buzzer shot and winning the game.

As starters Maggie Zeleny, Kelsey Egger, Elena Duve, Meghan Orgler, and Danielle Peco walked onto the court they knew this game would be nothing but fight to finish. The first quarter started off rocky and the team was falling slightly behind to Nazareth.

As the game progressed, the bulldogs picked it up. By halftime, they were up by four points. When they walked out on the court, both teams knew what was at stake and were ready to do whatever they could.

Third quarter the teams were close the entire time. It wasn’t until fourth quarter that Nazareth began to pull ahead. The bulldogs were doing their best to keep up, but at one minute left on the clock, Nazareth was up by four points. Thirty seconds later junior Kiley Rusen got a hold of the ball and made a three pointer. With seven seconds left on the clock, Rusen got the ball back. She passed to Peco who shot the ball and missed.  Orgler then got the ball and shot it as soon as the buzzer went off. She sunk it.

 There was question as to whether the shot would count or not because she shot right as the buzzer went off. The referee said it counted because he did not have the same time as the school had.

 Talking about the game winning shot, Orgler said, “It felt amazing, but I give credit to Kiley for making the shot and closing the gap in the score.”

Rusen said, “It was great to have all the fans supporting us for this game. It was really helpful and pushed us through the game.”

The varsity team will be playing their next sectional game against St. Joseph High School at RB. The girls expect it to be another close game, and one of the most competitive ones they will play. If they win this game, the proceed to super sectionals, and after that state.