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Connor Robey, Staff Reporter

Connor Patrick Robey. A simple name, but one that will go down in legend as the first man to ever find the secrets of the Illuminati. A man who the prophecy dictates, will turn to the side of evil and bring fire and brimstone to humanity. But until that fateful day, oblivion arrives, he has decided to spend most of his time making a fool of himself and being WAY too extroverted. You know what? This sounds like the plot of an animated film. (Hey Pixar! Get on this!) Anyway, Connor's other hobbies include injecting a rare pepe, going to the Paul Blart Flesh Mall, and the unpredictable and unstoppable power of the 360noscope. Unfortunately, the power is too much for Connor, and is slowly eating at his soul. This is what will cause Connor to turn to evil! 

Connor Robey is a sophomore and this is his first year at Clarion. He is really excited for this experience. He is involved in Improv club, the fall play, Anime club, and anything else related to acting. You can contact me at [email protected]


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Connor Robey