Claire Harrison is a sophomore at Riverside Brookfield High School. She was the sitting president of Liechtenstein and is currently on leave from the World Institute of Teen Presidents. Claire decided that is was time for a break and traveled the world for three years. Her most notable experiences include climbing Machu Picchu, rebuilding the Roman Coliseum, solving the mystery of Roanoke, pulling off the first-ever sweep of the Olympics, eliminating 48 invasive species, setting the record for loudest mouth pop and fastest “Flight of the Bumblebee” rendition, exploring Antarctica, starting the Chaco trend, and single-handedly ending the conflict in the Middle East.

Claire has most recently started her most exciting adventure: high school. She is involved in Student Association, Sophomore Class Board, Model UN, Marching Band, Tech Crew,  and badminton. Since Claire is fluent in 36 languages, Clarion comes easy. She has been speaking Clarion since she was just six months old! Her interests include playing the flute, ending global conflicts, playing badminton, eliminating diseases, and hanging out with her friends and family. If you need to reach her, just use telekinesis, or you can email her at [email protected].


Claire Harrison, Editor

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Claire Harrison