Joy Greco
After years of study leading to perfect scores on the O.W.L exam and the N.E.W.T at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Joy Greco was granted Ph.Ds in transfiguration, charms, divination, and potions. As a truly exceptional wizard, Joy works alongside her brave and very hot husband, Ron Weasely who revolutionized the Ministry of Magic after defeating Voldemort alongside Harry Potter. After using the death spell on Hermione, who stole her true love Ron from her, Joy could never be happier. Guess she just wasn't nearly as smart or as stunning as Joy. She is also a close friend to Harry Potter and is the Godmother to Harry and Ginny Potter's eldest son, James. Aside from being one of the most famous wizards alive and always being busy working in the Ministry of Magic, Joy's passion for the RB Clarion allows her to fly on her broomstick to Riverside Brookfield High School every day at 9:55am to work for the school newspaper. In addition to all that, Joy is on the varsity volleyball team and is in the Madrigal Singers choir group. Joy is a third year Clarion member and is the program's media/awards editor. She loves everything about Clarion and is beyond excited for what the upcoming year holds! If you need to contact her for any reason, please email her at [email protected]

Joy Greco, Media Editor

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Joy Greco