5th Quarter concludes

This past Friday marked the last football game of the season for the Bulldogs, but it also signaled the end of one of the newest RB traditions, 5th Quarter. For the past three years, the local Young Life chapter has supplied the famished fans with unlimited pizza and soda for two dollars a head.

 At each home game, the student cafeteria transforms into a bustling hive of hungry teenagers, laughing together while they eat, play corn hole, or dance. Young Life, the force behind the fun and food, is an international organization, with clubs attached to high schools all over the world.

 RB Young Life has been established for five years, with Jonathon Gorny acting the head leader and area director. “I love Friday nights during the football season. It’s great to see all these kids hanging out and having fun.” said Gorny. Freshman Drew Boxell said “5th Quarter is awesome, I get all the pizza and pop I want for two bucks, you can’t beat that deal!”

If you couldn’t make it to any of this season’s 5th Quarters, don’t panic. The popular Friday night party will be back next year along with another season of RB football.