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    KareenaDec 23, 2012 at 1:31 pm

    It really dpeends on A) what type of school you are applying to B) how sure you are about attending/how good your grades are C) the overall selectivity of the school cases in which you might want to consider early (please look up the deadlines just to be sure)1. You are very sure you want to attend this school. Your grades fit well with their student profile. They are a selective school. 2. You are very sure that you want to attend this school, however your grades do not fit exactly. They are not a very selective school. 3. You want to get everything done early and not have to stress about it later. Your grades are good or fair. 4. They have a rolling deadline. 5. There is a special program/scholarship that requires and early deadline Cases in which you won’t need to submit significantly before a deadline or for a early decision 1. You are split between school (Please apply to multiple schools if you are sure about transferring) 2. They have a low selectivity -Most Important- Look up the deadline. Submit it by the deadline. yes, I think you need first semester grades, but those should come out in time for regular deadlines. Good Luck!

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