Go figure: Student Services can actually serve students

by vassosc | October 16, 2012 7:20 am

While Senior year can be exciting – being the oldest students on campus and getting ready to graduate – making big decisions about college and life after RB can be a difficult task that involves a great deal of work.

In the college application process students can learn a lot about themselves and who they want to be, but the process can be harder then it seems.  Where do you want to go to college?  How do you apply?  What’s your major going to be?  Do you want to go to school far away or stay close to home?

While these questions can generate a lot of stress, RB offers a lot of help in the process as well.

Every Tuesday in October, during lunch periods, Seniors can stop by Student Services and a counselor will be available to answer any college questions they may have.  Insteada of getting frustrated and wasting time, students utilize Student Services’ free resources and get their questions answered so they do not waste any time on those college applications.  Seniors can get help not only on their college applications, but also with college essays, finding scholarships, and other college related questions that they might come across.

Another college resource that seniors should take advantage of is all the different college representatives that come to RB during different periods of the school day.  College representatives visit throughout the school year and talking with them can be a great way to learn more about a college and to get questions answered in a more personal way.  The list of the daily college representatives visiting can be found in the daily bulletin and as well as on Naviance, our school’s college search engine.  Naviance is also where students must sign up at least the day before visiting the college representatives that they would like to meet with.  Students are excused from that hour class that they are visiting a college representative, but are responsible in making up any class work that they might have missed.

Some important dates for getting help with financial aid are also coming up for Seniors.  On November 15th, from 7-8:30 p.m. in the auditorium, students can get together to talk about financial aid.  RB will also hold a FAFSA workshop, designed to help with financial aid paperwork, on Jaunary 31st, from 7-8:30 p.m. in the library and computer labs.  Computers will be set up to help families and students fill out their aid forms.

College Application Q&A with RB Counselor Maggie Leiteritz:

What is the best thing seniors can do during their college process?
Communication. Communicate with parents, guidance counselors, and admission people.

What is the worst thing seniors can do during their college process?
Procrastinate with their college applications.

How many colleges should a student apply to?
Around three to five colleges, including sure bets and reach schools.

What’s the most colleges you’ve ever seen a student apply to?
One student had applied to eighteen different colleges.

What is the best way that you have seen seniors organize all their college applications?
With a binder and spreadsheet; then I know they mean bussiness.”

What is the hardest part of completing a college application that seniors struggle with?
The essay.  It makes a huge impact and can be the icing on the cake.

Do you think our seniors utilize all the college resources that are offered to them?
No. I wish they would take advantage of them more.  Especially Naviance, research on the department website, and listening in during senior meetings.

What tips would you give seniors that are in the college process right now?
Utilize all the resources at hand, take advantage of all the programs that Student Services has to offer, and check the Student Services website.  Also, visit colleges as much as possible and have fun with the process.

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