Mock Election, speech writing offer ways to get involved

Mock Election, speech writing offer ways to get involved

Rachael Kluba, Staff Reporter

What can students do who cannot vote, but still want to be involved in the 2012 election? Well, any student can join and become a part of the Mock Election that is going to be taken place here at RB on the day of the election. Students can experience what it feels like to vote and what the process is like so that when students are able to vote they will be prepared.

“It gives students a chance to see what views the candidates stand on,” said John Fields, organizer of both the Mock Election and Election Judges.

There is also a speech writing contest that students can get involved with where they write a speech for the candidate of their choice: Barack Obama, Mitt Romney or Gary Johnson. The speech writers will read their speeches over the morning announcements during the week leading up to the election. The winners will receive a $25 gift card to Lou Malnati’s pizza, which could be a good incentive to those who are pizza lovers.

Students who are juniors or older had an opportunity to work as election judges.  On Election Day, those who signed up will be assigned to a voting location and will help give and receive votes from the people in their location.

Anyone who can vote and who would like to be involved beyond what RB offers can volunteer to work for a campaign or join a local political organizer.  Still, eighteen or younger, the most important thing students can do to get involved with the upcoming election is to be correctly informed.

“Media gives us a great deal of information, but it is less than accurate,” said Social Studies teacher Mark Gouwens.

It is the students’ responsibility to know what each candidates stands for and what is truth and what is a fabrication of politics.