Top 10: Scariest video games for Halloween

Amnesia:  The Dark Descent did NOT make our final list.  Youll be spooked to find out what did.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent did NOT make our final list. You’ll be spooked to find out what did.

Jimmy Nolter and Cameron Yarger

Every gamer has played at least one terrifying title at point in his or her life, and these are some of the ones that we felt were the best. These games range from futuristic shooters to medieval survival games (you can view it here).  These games have come from all different systems and times to create the scariest list there is. Each of us will review the games we’ve played so some games will have both our opinions some only have one.

#10 – Halo: Combat Evolved:  The takes place way into the future where you play as John, who was selected as a child to be a part of a secret military super soldier project.  Known as SPARTANs, these super soldiers are the human races only defense when an alien race, known as the Covenant, begins destroying whole planets.  Eventually you are one of the last SPARTAN alive, the fate of every man, woman, and child rests on your shoulders. There was nothing scarier as a kid as when you first saw the Flood. Sure other terrifying creature were known of but nothing like a parasite that can enter your body and take over and turn you into a monster while you have to just hope for it to end.

Cameron: As a kid playing this game it WAS terrifying I remember playing Halo:Combat Evolved and having a fun time until the level were the flood was introduced. I quit playing and didn’t play for years, I just kept playing the same levels before it because it freaked me out so much. Just the mere thought of something ripping its was into my body, taking over my nervous system, and turning me into a monster makes my skin crawl to this day. Since I am older now it isn’t as scary as when I was a kid but it still does give me goose-bumps when I play the game or think about it.

Jimmy: Some of my greatest childhood memories are from playing games like Halo: Combat Evolved.  In the campaign you fight the Covenant, but once you reached level four, you faced a new, terrifying enemy, the Flood.  When I first played, they seemed unstoppable, it was as if my weapons just simply weren’t powerful enough, and they never stopped coming.  Later on through the game you learn their weakness, but that didn’t make them any less scary or dangerous.  Even now, when I play the game for old-times sake, the flood still scare me.

#9 The Last of Us (PS3) –  The game takes place in a modern day world where there is a viral outbreak of a lethal fungus.  That fungus once ingested into the human body in some way takes over your body physically, leaving you helpless as the fungus continues to spread and infect more and more people.  As the story continues, you must deliver a little girl, Ellie, who is immune to the effects of the fungus, to a group of rebel doctors.  Throughout your journey you encounter dangerous people who want nothing but your food and ammunition, and dangerous infected who are still barely alive, being controlled by this hive mind.

Jimmy: I played this game well after it had come out and received nothing but glowing reviews for the game.  The Last of Us really takes gaming to another level, in the sense where although the story in linear, your choices early in the game can directly affect how easy later parts are.  For example, you are able to complete each level without alerting enemies, however difficult as it may be, but usually there is one overlooked foe who gets in the way at the wrong moment.  The scariest part of the game, was avoiding the special infected.  As people were infected, the fungus grew more and more on their body and evolved to take different forms.  There are the regulars, who can see and hear normally, tickers, who are blind but have superhuman hearing, and bloaters, who are very well defended and have been infected the longest.  Infected always respond directly to sound, and when a ticker hears you, it screams causing other infected and tickers to come, who in turn alert more.  Although the game has a few “gun-ho” moments, most of your time is spent in silence, waiting in fear for the ticker that’s right in front of you to stumble by and pray that nothing goes wrong.

#8 – Day Z: DayZ is a zombie survival horror game set in a pseudo Russia area. Dayz spawns you along the shore with absolutely nothing besides a bandage. Your goal is to survive by any means necessary, you must eat, drink, keep you blood levels normal, keep cold or warm, and try not to get sick. It’s also a multiplayer game so you and your friends, or enemies, can play and try to get through the zombie and horror ridden Russian landscape.

Cameron: This game is very difficult and time consuming. When you start you have a lot of hope that you’ll be able to easily find supplies and be able to survive, but you’ve never been so wrong in your life. Zombies always spawn near you when you get near civilization of any sort and the more players are in the same place the more zombies spawn. It’s also really difficult to find supplies when certain things only spawn in certain areas and usually they’re player and zombie ridden. Since you also start with no weapon when you come face to face with anything you can’t do anything but run and hope and it’s terrifying. There’s also tons of different weapons ranging from hatchets to M240 machine guns and each one has advantages and weakness but once you find you the game becomes a lot easier. After playing for many hours I’ve learned I prefer to play by myself or with only a couple of my friends when I play with people I don’t know they end up being more deadly than the zombies repeadidly killing me and making the whole game a bad experience. Overall I still really enjoy the game because while it’s scary and you sometimes get so mad for dying you just want to quit the thrill of finding something awesome is undoubtedly great.

Jimmy: When I first played DayZ, I was stunned at how realistic the game is.  Although it’s not a thriller where things jump out at you, it’s scary in the sense that you may be able to see a few zombies a mile away by a barn, but you won’t see the herd of them walking around a quarter-mile away in a forest next to you.  So you always have to be thinking and assuming that they know where you are.  Another element of the game is its multi-player feature, most players in the game are not friendly and attack any other survivors on sight.  In my personal experience, I find this most often when you travel into the city, people usually hold up inside a building when they’re patching themselves up after a hoard attacked them.  All around though, this game will keep you on the edge of your seat trying to stay alive and away from both, zombies and humans.

#7 – State of Decay: Another zombie survival horror game but as weird as it sounds it’s also a strategy game. Much like DayZ you must survive the zombie apocalypse but now your the leader of a group of survives and must manage them and use them to their strengths to achieve survival and sometimes it’s almost impossible. As their leader you must defend the camp, gather supplies, help other groups, and find new people to join your group.

Cameron: I played this game for 20 hours straight in one sitting and it was almost like I had only just started the game. I hadn’t explored the whole map I was still only in the starting happy and I was still busy doing things, it’s like you never run out of things to do. Being the leader you have so many things to do that there is never a slow time your always moving and always helping someone. The game also makes you switch characters because each character will get tired and has to rest at camp so it really diversifies the gameplay since each person has their own specialties and abilities.  It. also features tons of different weapons for every kind of player and cars for easy transport and a lot of laughter for hitting whole hordes of zombies. Although the game is only singleplayer it’s a great game with the potential to take up many many hours of your free time.

#6 – Killing Floor: a horror game based around fighting off waves of terrifying grotesque mutants as they try to rip you and your teammates to shred. Since it’s a wave game you and your team will start with and easy time and work your way through 10 waves with wave 10 being extremely difficult. The team will vary in size from four people total to 100 people and the amount of mutants depends on how big your team is. Every kill you have earns you money and at the end of the wave you get 30 seconds to but equipment and weapons.

Cameron: This is by far one of the most interesting, and scary, wave games I’ve ever played. You don’t see mutants as the main enemy in most horror games but this game makes them right out of someones nightmares. Usually wave games are repetitive and boring but with so many different weapons there are almost endless was to play this game. I prefer playing in the big 100 people games were you have to fight thousands of mutants on some waves, it gets really intense and freaky when you see a mutant pounce onto the guy next to you and tear him apart and then vanish before you can even react.

#5 – Bioshock:  It’s a shooter/thriller game that really envelops you into its world.  The game starts off with you barely surviving a plane crash in the middle of the ocean, and you swim to a light house but there is no land in sight.  The tower takes you below to the ocean floor where you find an underwater city.  Sadly the city has been corrupted, and its your job to help save this mans wife and child from the insanity of killer people, terrifying body guards, and the living currency of the city, Little Sisters.

Jimmy: I distinctly remember this eerie dark game, with low visibility you focus primarily on hearing and faint reflections from scattered light sources.  This game has a linear campaign, but your decisions do have a small impact on the course of events later on, simply put, your actions have consequences.  In the game, Little Sisters are wanted for their Adam, its a substance that allows you to use special abilities, however there is only one way to get Adam, and that’s by attacking the Little Sister.  Little Sisters have a special body guard throughout the game known as Big Daddy, they’re strong, fast, and hard to kill, but they will leave you alone unless you attack him or the Little Sister.  The fear factor of the game comes from knowing that there is always something lurking just behind the corner, and you know you have little ammo, but you’re not sure what to use, your last bit of magic or ammo.

#4 – Slender:  Slender is a simple enough game, it’s the middle of the night, you’re in a forest, alone, and all you have to do is find a few notes that are scattered over this very large map, but there’s a catch.  The game plays off of the myth of Slenderman, a tall slender figure that dresses in an all black suit but has snow white skin and a human like form but with no facial features and four to eight tentacles sprouting from his back.  According to the myth, Slenderman has the ability to teleport, grow or shrink his limbs and tentacles as he pleases, and he can give his unfortunate victim any psychological disorder as he pleases.  You’re stuck and alone with only a flashlight and your wits to survive.

Jimmy: This was the first scary game that made me question why I played it.

#3 – Alien VS. Predator. This game was scary to say the least, with the ability to play as humans, predators, or aliens it really makes this game great. Playing as a human Marine everything is hostile and better in every way besides one, you have an assault rifle. It’s really fast paced and scary when aliens are crawling up walls and falling on top of you trying to rip you apart while predators are running from cover point to cover point and all you can do is hope you’re lucky enough to survive. As predators and aliens it’s not half as terrifying or hard to survive.

Cameron: As a Marine this game is almost incomparable with how freaky it is. your always walking through dark cliche corridors with the only light being the light from your weapons flashlight, then you hear a crack and there’s something on top of you trying to rip and claw you apart. What can you do in that scenario besides scream and hit random buttons till you or it dies and the game is just that time after time again but for some reason I felt compelled to keep playing that maybe around some turn it wouldn’t happen and instead maybe end up in a big open well lit area with a couple of them but it never happens, ever. As aliens and predators its interesting when you do that to someone and you know for a fact that they’re doing exactly what you did.

Jimmy: This game was ridiculous with how creepy the Marine story was.  Playing as a Marine was undoubtedly the scariest of the three campaign styles, but it was also by far the hardest.  As a Predator, you had a lot of cool gadgets, as an Alien you had a swarm, speed, and stealth, and as a Marine you had an assault rifle with a little bit of ammo and maybe a grenade early in the mission.  When you play as the Marine everything is so much harder to kill, and they always seem to be everywhere.  When I first played this game, I started as the Marine thinking it was going to be fun, I couldn’t have been more wrong.  I remember the hairs on my arms standing while playing that game, to the point where I stopped and finished the other two before I returned.

#2 -Deadspace:  The game takes place in the future on the ship, the Ishimura where a xeno artifact was discovered on a foreign planet and brought aboard.  Unfortunately for the crew, the board acts as some sort of beacon for what are called Xenomorphs, which are a parasite that takes over the human body and mutates it to its needs.  There are several different types, and some even fly, but they’re all lethal and fast.  When we lose contact with the Ishimura we decide to send an engineer to solve the problem, so you play as Isaac Clark living through this real nightmare, fighting not only for your life, but for the future of humanity.

Jimmy: This is the game that anyone who’s played it knows, that everything you think you see is a lie.  In the game Xenomorphs can only be killed by destroying their limbs, so head shots are a waste of ammo, and to make matters worse, they are intelligent.  Xenomorphs are renown for their ability to hide in ventilation shafts and wait until you walk right in front of it before jumping out and attacking you, not only that, but they also play dead.  Sometimes you walk into a room and see gun shot holes in the wall and a dead Xenomorph, that’s really just waiting until you get close enough before it pounces on its prey.  Deadspace really changed my perception of a horror game, in a sense where the enemy is incredibly intelligent, prepared, and ready to kill, you.

#1 – Metro:  At the top spot we have the Metro series. After a lot of talk we couldn’t decide which was worse Metro 2033 or Metro: Last Light. Metro is a game set in the future, after nuclear war had erupted the people that could made it to the metro stations of Russia and have lived there, most, for their whole lives. Now its been long enough that people are starting to venture out of the metro and what they find left on the surface is something out of a person’s worst nightmares. Animals have been mutated to hideous beasts that want nothing more than to kill you, everything is withered and dead, and to top it off it’s in Russia and a nuclear winter. People underground in the metro stations are also starting to form factions again and all out war with humans is also possible. In this nuclear mutant anger filled world how do you expect to survive?

Cameron: The Metro series is one that I’ll never forget actually it’s one I never CAN forget. I got so scared at some points of the game that I would have to quit for a bit then continue playing. Some of these mutant animals are literally monsters that’ll never leave my mind. It’s also cliche in the fact that almost everywhere is dark and hard to see and all you have is your light, gun, and sometimes sanity. One level takes place in a library and the mutants in there scared me the worst, you would be walking hear like a tiny creak and turn around and one was in your face it would then proceed to attack to until either it or you were left standing and this happened time after time again. This game has such a compelling storyline though with characters you feel like you actually know them that there was no way I could quit this game, even though it was probably the scariest game I’ve played in my life.

Jimmy: These two games, are undoubtedly the scariest I’ve ever played, hands down.  Personally I thought Metro: 2033 was scarier than its sequel, Last Light; however, that’s because I played the games in order and already knew what to expect.  The Metro series does a great job combining a difficult campaign with a horror filled one, most games usually go one way or the other.  The mutated monsters, lurking in the shadows all around you, stalking you, watching your every move, and finally waiting until you’re guard is down to attack.  But there’s more to the game than just killing mutated animals, there are the Dark Ones, which the series is revolved around, they are feared because no one knows their true intent until the end of Metro: Last Light.  Even worse, is the human threat, there are the Reds, or Communists, and the Fascists, or Nazi’s who are preparing for another world war with everyone in the metro system involved.  Fighting through these threats, constantly watching your ammo, as that’s also your currency, and keeping an eye on how much longer your gas mask filter will last combine to make a game that will keep you on your toes from start to finish.  These are definitely my two favorite games, however I refuse to play them over and over again because frankly, I get too scared reliving the horrifying moments of the game.