Wishing you an A&E Christmas

What to get the Gamer in your life

Jimmy Nolter and Cameron Yarger

The holidays can be crazy, so hopefully this will relieve some of the pressure.  There are all sorts of gifts out there that you can get your friends, family, or special someone.  Some of those gifts can include, a new album from their favorite band, a new game for their favorite system, or even the book they’ve always talked about wanting to read.  Here are some of my ideas.

Beginning the list of ideas, are the always innovative next generation consoles.  The new Xbox One and PS4 have indefintely changed the way people will play video games, or even watch movies and communicate with their friends.  The Xbox One is $500 while the PS4 put a competitive price at $400, although they are pricey, these two systems bring more than just a gaming experience.  The Xbox One got its name because it is a all-in-one entertainment system, with its HD and Blu-Ray player, it can play any film or game in the highest and clearest resolution.  The PS4 is still very similar to the PS3, although it has more memory and better processing power, and it can still play Blu-Ray and Hi-Definition games.  These two consoles are very competitive, and share many of the same new features but still maintain a few differences, either would make the perfect gift for an brother, sister, parent, or even your best friend!

If you decided to get someone a console, or maybe they already have one, they’re going to need a game to play on it.  Here are the latest and greatest hits for both, the Xbox One and PS4.  The PS4 really only has one game exclusive at the moment that looks like a good game, Killzone: Shadow Fall.  It’s the fourth game of the main plot series, but the sixth overall, and the game has a few interesting things to it’s online multiplayer.  As of now, there are only 10 maps for online use with the promise of more coming out free of charge, and the developers, Guerrilla Games has tweaked the online a little bit so it’s not the same thing over and over again.  The Xbox One has one of my personal favorite games, and its exclusive to the Xbox, Forza Motorsport 5.  Forza 5 is a racing game, but not like any other one you have played, sure all you do is race and collect incredible cars, but the in-game graphics and physics make this title one that will set the bar for future games.  The developers and artists hard work easily shows, you can see your own reflection in the windshield while driving.  Now aside from just the exclusive titles there are a few games out for both consoles that are great games.  Call of Duty: Ghosts is one, and Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag is the other.  For Call of Duty: Ghosts, they completely fixed the multiplayer, and it is balanced (finally).  In the game you now earn squad points based on your performance during the match, and you can spend these points to purchase any weapon from the beginning of the game, that’s right, any weapon or perk is available from the beginning of the game.  There’s no more high level players that have access to all of the best weapons, now those low level inexperienced players are able to stand a chance online and have fun.  Now Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag is the game they should have done from the beginning.  There is a lot less confusing conflict between Templars and Assassins, but the game has improved so much more.  The map is 100 percent free roam, at any moment you can take your ship, once you earn it, and set sail to do anything, board and attack other ships, hunt whales and other animals, and whatever else your heart may desire, it’s all there.  For all of these games, their graphics are just incredible, it’s unlike anything anyone has seen before, and any or all of these games simply make the perfect gift for any type of gamer.

Everyone has had that moment when they are trying to install or use a new program, but their current desktop or laptop simply doesn’t have the system requirements to run it, that’s the sign that someone needs a new computer, here are a few of best.  Toshiba has come out with a few nice laptops at $350 available at Walmart.  Best Buy is currently selling HP desktops ranging from $280-400.  Toshiba, HP, Asus, although these companies aren’t top of the line like Alienware, but they have more then enough processing power and RAM to get any job done, making them a perfect gift for someone who needs a technological upgrade.

We all know that one person who gets that awesome Star Wars jacket or Assassins Creed hoodie, here is where you can join in on the fun too.  At costumecraze.com you can find skin tight authentic costumes, they even have Chewbacca.  There aren’t only costumes though, you can purchase top of the line jackets from popular movies, video games, and even a few celebrities at celebsclothing.com.  But if you’re running out of clothing ideas, visit this slideshow for some great ideas on hot new trends that appeared at Comic Con in San Diego.

I know that even after all of these ideas, there will still be a few people who have no idea at all what to get their family or friends.  Most people are understanding, and if you’re really not sure what to get them, then just invest in a gift card to their favorite stores, here’s what we cam up with.  Game Stop, Amazon, iTunes, or a Visa gift card will be accepted almost anywhere.

I hope these ideas helped you decide what you’re getting those close to you, and have a very merry holiday and a happy New Year.