Math Team shines in competition

Math Team shines in competition

McKenna Powers , Staff Reporter

On February 22, Riverside Brookfield’s Math Team competed in their regional championship at Concordia University. David Buksa, class of 2015, is advancing onto the state competition on May 3, 2014.

At regionals, Buksa placed 3rd in the Algebra II competition.

“[Getting third place] felt exciting,” Buksa said.

Buksa said he has always been great at math.  He believes that there is a competitive feeling to Math Team, just as there is in any competition.

“I enjoy manipulating the problem to work it out,” Buksa said.

A fellow member of Math Team is David Pribyl-Pierdinock, class of 2016. He competed at regionals and placed in fifth place in the competition.  Pribyl-Pierdinock was not as happy with his results.

“It feels like I made a mistake, that I could have done better,” he said.

As well as Buksa, Pribyl-Pierdinock does agree that there is a competitive feeling.  He explains how there are always those math problems that seem impossible. It seems that there are always a couple of those problems that “push the limit.”

“I like (how there is a) definite answer; there’s no room for interpretation,” Pribyl-Pierdinock said.

 Both players are planning to continue on with Math Team for the rest of their years at Riverside Brookfield.

“I enjoy math, and always have,” Pribyl-Pierdinock said.

Both have high hopes that next year the team will make it to state once again.  Buksa will be participating in the State Competition this year in May.