Slaby, Bronsteader, Potter win Alumni Achievement medals

by Niko Radicanin | November 20, 2014 9:22 am

The Alumni Achievement Medal Award is deemed the most prestigious award an RBHS graduate can receive. The rigorous requirements include graduating 10 years prior to the nomination, and one who demonstrates the highest ethical and moral standards, and have gone above and beyond in a professional, athletic, governmental, civic, or fine arts field. One can also be nominated for a heroic deed, or outstanding community service.

As for this year’s nominations, a selection committee had to pick through accomplished and competent individuals. Out of all the nominees, only three were selected: Paul Bronsteader, Gregg Potter, and Ronald G. Slaby, Ph.D. These candidates have had great success in all areas of their lives. The honor included a ceremony and dinner complete with speeches. All three candidates also received a plaque that is hung outside of the main office, with other prestigious alumni who preceded. The dinner was shared over the reminiscence of class memories and laughs. The medalists dined with close family and current school board officials. After the meal, each Alumnus was introduced by a person close to them in their life. The Alumnus then each gave a speech, including their accomplishments and how RBHS has prepared them in life. Clarion was given the opportunity to feature all three medalists.

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