Shelter in place caused by community event

by Niko Radicanin | January 28, 2016 9:33 am

Wednesday, January 27, at the beginning of 5th hour, Riverside Brookfield was placed under a “shelter in place” due to police activity in the surrounding community. This lasted roughly 45 minutes, and students were able to participate in normal class activities.

Although students expressed concern and worry, teachers and administration reassured them.

“I think if we were really in danger they wouldn’t let us keep having class,” said RBHS teacher Diane Marelli.

RBHS Principal Kristin Smetana kept parents informed through multiple emails.

“We have just confirmed with the Brookfield Police that there is no imminent threat to students or staff,” Smetana wrote yesterday during the shelter in place.

Clarion reached out to Assistant Principal David Mannon for a comment the next day.

“Yesterday we were notified that there was an incident in the community and we relied on local law enforcement agencies to warn us if anything advanced, and as a precaution, because there was no imminent threat to the building at anytime,” Mannon said. “But as a precaution they wanted us to go into a shelter in place. That’s why we made the call to do that.”

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